ShopperPress eCommerce Theme – Why We Use It

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I write an arts and crafts blog that includes many instructional posts involving special materials and tools. It’s an image rich blog so we had chosen a theme to show off those images and after gaining an audience the next step was to open an online shop.

We needed a way to organize, display and sell our products but we also had other ideas, including selling affiliate products.

What We Looked For:

  • Needed multiple images per product
  • Wanted large images
  • Wanted the ability to mark as “SOLD”
  • An easy way to include affiliates products
  • Wanted it to visually match our blog

Then we found the ShopperPress eCommerce theme and it provided us with what we wanted plus so much more, including things we wouldn’t have thought of on our own. For example, there is a “Wishlist” and an “Add to Compare” option along with others I haven’t tried yet!

ShopperPress not only gave us the ability to sell our own products and add affiliate products, but there’s also an option for digital products!

We were able to provide our readers with the same tools we used in out tutorial blog by creating an Amazon store. If they need to buy a tool for a craft project that we recommended, the link in our tutorial sends them directly to our Amazon section of our shop!

Take a look at how easy it is:

1. Select ShopperPress in the menu
2. Then down to Import Products
3. Your affiliate info under Amazon Connection Settings on right.

Your Amazon Affiliate ID Screen

Adding an amazon product is easy!

1. Search Keyword (I’ll use our faithful glue called E6000)
2. Search Results appear on the right
3. Click on Add to Website under the product you want to add
4. Repeat the last 3 steps for each Amazon product – It’s that easy!

An Online Catalog?

How often have you checked out the website to a local store before heading over to buy something? I know I do it a lot. Using ShopperPress as an online catalog is just another way I use the software to my advantage and here is how…

Me and my partner often host a plant sale on our front lawn and we’ve built up a nice local client base this way. We send out emails to our customers letting them know when the sale is happening but another cool thing is they can also view our shop to see the types of products we have available without having to buy the products online.

Even when we aren’t holding a sale that day, our customers can view a product online at any time then give us a shout to say, “Hey, I’m on my way over to get that crazy plant! Please hold it!

Currently, our ShopperPress store is a bit low on our selection of plants but there’s a great reason… We sell them faster then we can add them to the store and that’s a very nice problem to have indeed!

Have a look at the ShopperPress WordPress eCommerce Theme Demo Now

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  1. Nicely done. I’m thinking about a site with this functionality.

    A question?

    Is shopperpress on a separate (second) wordpress install?

    Again, nice site!


    • Hi Jer,
      Yes, ShopperPress is installed on the shop subdomain of our site with a separate WP install. We wanted to keep our original theme on our blog, but ShopperPress also allowed use to customize the colors and layout to pretty closely match our main site theme.

  2. Hi Adam,

    Wow, that was fast! Thanks.

    For my future site, I need to have more content functionality like your example.

    Do you have any suggestions for this type of set-up. I can set up a WordPress site but am not sure how that works on a subdomain.

    Are there any tutorials for this dual wordpress set-up. Am I using the right terminology?

    Thanks for your time.


  3. First off, installing a WP on a subdomain is just like installing WP on a main domain. The difference of course is that you’ll need to create the subdomain on your host first. This is done in slightly different ways on different hosts. There shouldn’t be anything complicated or special about the install.

    So basically, you know have two WP installations, or two separate WP sites, they just both happen to be on your same hosting account. I run over 20 separate WP installs in this way. Logging into each to run updates can get a bit time consuming, but I use to solve that problem (full disclosure, I’m also the Enterprise Sales Manager there).

    Secondly, as far as functionality goes, that’s a tough one to give a simple answer to. Every site (and business) has different needs and the way your content is displayed is affected by both the theme you choose to use and it’s options, and also the plugins you decide to install, activate, and configure.

    The logical first step before choosing any theme or plugins is to first decide how YOU want your content displayed and how you want your user to be able to interact with your content (commenting, sharing on social sites, etc.)

    Once that’s decided, then it’s time to start looking for the tools to fill those requirements (themes and plugins) and filling in the gaps without customization if you can.

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