WordPress Membership Site [Infographic] – How to Build for Free

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You probably already know the true power of creating a WordPress Membership website, but do you know the steps involved in making it happen? My friend Daniel McClure has recently released his Membership Maximizer course including over 74 step-by-step video tutorials. He has created a powerhouse training system, and I highly recommend it. The best part is that you can create your membership with freely available WordPress tools.

How to Create a Membership Site with WordPress

How to Create a Membership Site with WordPress

In Membership Maximizer, Daniel details a couple of proven paid plugins and themes that can take your member site to a truly professional level, but buying into these plugins and themes isn’t necessary if you want to create a member site using WordPress and some freely available tools.

To illustrate this fact, Daniel has put together a nice infographic showing the basic steps to creating a WordPress-powered membership site…for zero cost. Check it out below and visit Membership Maximizer to learn more of how his training works.

free membership site infographic 7 Steps to Creating a Membership Site For Free #Infographic
Infographic Courtesy of Membership Maximizer

As you can see from the Infographic, the steps to creating a free WordPress-powered member site are pretty basic. It just takes the knowledge of how exactly to implement these technques to get you on your way to creating a passive membership-based income. Whatever your primary business is, there is always an option to offer more in-depth knowledge and services to your clients and customers behind an affordable monthly or yearly membership.

Learn More About Membership Maximizer Now.

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