What Kenny Brooks Can Teach Us All About Honest Sales

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This is an article about Internet marketing and sales techniques. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day and saw a video posted by Kimberly Castleberry (social media strategist) with a comment that said “Best Door to Door Salesman Ever!” I clicked through to YouTube to watch the video and it has inspired me to write up this article and share it with you, along with some thoughts on what we could all learn from Kenny Brooks. After you’re finished, read through our online marketing archive here.

Kenny Brooks - The Funniest Salesman Ever?

Kenny Brooks - The Funniest Salesman Ever?

The Video Backstory

This video has been around for a while, but this is the first time I saw it. It was taken by a homeowner and shows the sale techniques of Kenny Brooks, a traveling door-to-door salesman for a product named Advantage Cleaner. I’m sure the product is fine, but how would you react if someone came to your door trying to sell you a household cleaner?

The days of door-to-door salesman being the norm has come and gone, and I would bet that the majority of people simply don’t answer the door when they see someone unknown standing outside. But stop and think for a moment about your online business and the products or services you promote.

You and I are no different than the traveling salesman that come to your home, we just utilize a different platform and need to apply specific Internet marketing techniques.

Not only does our “pitch” come directly into your home via an Internet connection, but our content also goes with you wherever you go if you’re carrying a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Watch the Video and Keep Reading Below

My Takeaways

If nothing else, this is a pretty entertaining video. I’m not exactly a fan of the self-effacing racial comments, but it’s comedy and it’s effective. I was ready to buy.

There are some important subtleties in this video that are very important lessons to be learned that we can all apply to our businesses to grow our success.

Connecting with Your Audience

Straight from the beginning of this video, Kenny starts to build a personal connection with the homeowners by calling him “Dad” and also the initial high five.

If you like someone, and feel you know them a bit, aren’t you more likely to listen further?

Research and Learning

He also mentions Tony Robbins and that he was taking one of his courses. It’s easy to assume that Kenny has done his research and is learning to implement what he’s been taught. Mentioning Tony Robbin’s name is also a great “connection point” between Kenny and his audience.

I spend at least a few hours a day devouring WordPress and Internet Marketing news and tutorials and you should be doing the same for whatever niche your business is in. If you’re not continually learning, you can bet your competitors are, and if that’s the case, you will get left behind eventually.

Watching What Others Have Done and Copy Their Success

At the same time Kenny mentions Tony Robbins, he alludes that he took his course and is applying it to his sales job and goal of being a comedian,  because Jamie Foxx did the same thing.

We can all do the same, although it’s important to create you’re own path too. Think of the people (or products and services) who are succeeding in the subject you’re interested in. Study their techniques…write down what you see them doing and then apply those processes to your own business.

Being Honest About Your Product and Why You Do What You Do

Kenny goes on to say that he is using this sales job as a training platform for his ultimate goal, but that he does believe in the product and that he feels that, at the very least, his sales technique is worth paying the cost of one bottle of cleaner.

Take it or leave it. He’s not treating his audience as idiots and trying to trick them into buying something that doesn’t work. He shows proof of the product, but also surrounds it with his own benefit (his entertainment). It’s like when someone sells a digital product and offers a “One Time Offer”…if the bonus is something that offers real value and enhances the product experience, it’s absolutely OK to throw one in.

Asking for the Sale

Toward the beginning of the video, he says “Do you know what HBO stands for? Help a Brother Out.” By doing this, Kenny is subtlety asking for the sale. He’s planting the seed as they say.

He reiterates that a few times throughout his pitch and at the end, asks for the sale again very clearly.

It’s OK to ask for the sale. This is something that many business owners and Internet Marketers often fail to do.

If you believe in your product or service, why shouldn’t you ask for the sale?

My belief is that if you don’t ask for the sale, you come off as dishonest and that you don’t really believe that your product or service has real value.

That said, feel free to visit our Products page and purchase one of our guides;)

Do You Agree or Disagree?

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  1. Great advice, Adam. I remember watching (and sharing) that video a few months ago — it’s a good learning tool for folks who need to better understand sales. Thanks for calling out the finer points.

  2. Thanks Tea, most appreciated:)

  3. Wow. Thanks for sharing. Ditto with what you feel about racial bit- it’s a turn off. I hung in and at about 2:48 seconds he finally asks some questions, and he gets real just when she asks if she can film him. At that point his voice lowered and he shared the Tony Robbins bit. I like the way you contrast in person and on line selling and in both I hate when I feel yelled at. Some shtick is fun
    and works on inexpensive products–still, I think one has to be careful and know their audience. Your point about the ask is important.

    • Hi alyse,
      It’s our please to share, that’s what we’re all about here:)

      Thanks so much for commenting here, your kind words, and sharing your thoughts. I agree that too much shtick and knowing your audience are definitely some important things to consider!

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